Art Pair CA00002 & CA00026

Original price was: RM600.00.Current price is: RM480.00.

This Art Pair consists of two Art printing with Minimalist Frames and glass panel.

ArtPrinting 1: 18” x 24” (450mm x 600mm H)
ArtPrinting 2: 18” x 24” (450mm x 600mm H)

Frame Type: Minimalist Frame
Frame Color: Black Matt
Frame Material: Aluminum Waterproofing and Rust Proof
Printing Type: UV Printing on Eco Panel

Protective Layer: 2mm Clear Glass
Printing Material: 2mm Acrylic Eco Panel

Painting Design Code : CA10240 & CA10260

Packing Size: 450mm x 600mm x 50mm in Bubble Form Pack
Accessories Included: 2 powerplug screws